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8 Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Secure

From locking your smartphone with a pin to installing a security app, these simple tips will help keep you and your information protected. Here are eight tips to boost the security of your smartphone and what you store on it: 1. Avoid giving out personal information That text message that looks to be from your […]

BeMobile Receives 2022 Verizon Agent of the Year Award

BeMobile Verizon is proud to announce that it has been awarded the prestigious “Verizon Agent of the Year” award for 2022. This award recognizes the outstanding achievements and contributions of BeMobile in providing exceptional services to its guests and driving significant growth in Verizon’s mid-major segment. As a Verizon partner for over 23 years, BeMobile […]

A Positive Company Culture Is a Top Priority for BeMobile

A rewarding work culture is just as essential as compensation – if not more so. Our business success requires myriad elements supporting and executing a company’s mission and vision. Our employees are perhaps the most vital element of a company’s operations and growth, providing a face to customers and an essential backbone supporting all its […]

These Galaxy S23 camera tricks will help you take amazing photos

The Galaxy S23 has what’s widely regarded as one of the best smartphone camera systems in the world. Samsung stepped up its game this generation by introducing its first 200-megapixel camera, resulting in photographs that are by far some of the sharpest you can capture on a phone. It also carried over features from previous […]

10 Ways to Become a Better Leader

Learn how to be a good leader to improve your team’s engagement and success.   Learning how to be a good leader can greatly impact the success of your team, your organization and yourself. To be an effective leader, you must understand your own motivations, strengths and weaknesses. Great leaders connect with their team by […]

Leading with Compassion Has Research-Backed Benefits

With burnout rising, employee engagement falling, and people continuing to quit their jobs even in the midst of economic uncertainty, organizations must sharpen their focus on employee retention. While compensation and benefits are an important part of retaining employees, the source of lasting loyalty to an organization is typically something deeper. Think of someone who was […]

Samsung Galaxy S23 Review: A thing of beauty with power

  The new Samsung Galaxy S23 is an intriguing option for users, when considering the presence of the Apple iPhone 14   Samsung has started the year with the Galaxy S23 family series, an upgrade on the S22 family. The company, to our surprise, has adopted the Qualcomm Snapdragon Gen 2 processor, ditching the Exynos […]

The New Samsung Galaxy S23 Series: Designed for a Premium Experience Today and Beyond

Samsung recently unveiled the Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23, marking a new era of Samsung Galaxy’s ultimate premium phone experience. The Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform for Galaxy unleashes a premium experience, including groundbreaking AI, a future-ready mobile gaming experience, and powerfully sustained gameplay with the world’s fastest mobile graphics. Innovative […]

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