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How are Samsung and iPhone different?

It all comes down to preference but if you are considering which brand is for you read on to see which features matter most to you. While each brand has great qualities that might work for you it’s good to know what else is out there if you are ready to make the switch!

  1. Price and affordability – Samsung does outpace the iPhone in affordability. Their base model has more available features than the iPhone base model and is also cheaper!
  2. Features and function – Comparing features of the latest Samsung vs iPhone you’ll find that Samsung had double the RAM, a brighter screen, larger batteries, and faster charging PLUS recording in 8K and a 4th camera. Truly amazing technology!
  3. Customize top to bottom – want more memory, different widgets, an updated keyboard, or multitasking apps? Look no further than Samsung. Apple thrives on a simple interface that provides predictable usage but for those of us that want to truly custom experience only Samsung gives you nearly unlimited options.

Each phone user has so many options to decide from but if your main purchasing choices are based on price, functionality, and options then Samsung may be the best fit for you!

Your neighborhood Samsung experts at BeMobile Verizon are here to help find the best phone for your wants and needs! 

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