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BeMobile Inc. independently operates this site and is a Verizon Authorized Retailer.


BeMobile Business Solutions FAQs

  • What is different about BeMobile compared to other Verizon locations?
    • BeMobile is your local, family-owned, and community-involved neighborhood Verizon store. Our goal is to provide personalized service in neighborhood Verizon stores. Those same ideals are brought into any and all interactions, especially on the business side.
  • Can BeMobile look at my bill to see how I can maximize on savings?
    • Of course, there are many ways for you to maximize your Verizon business account. One way we can do this is by organizing what plans each person needs for their line. Some people may need hotspot data, premium network access, discounts on their connected devices, etc.
  • How can I get all my solutions on one bill?
    • Verizon Business accounts have many solutions available to get all you need for the business in one account and one bill. Some of the services available consist of mobile phones, business phones (similar to landlines), tablets, smartwatches, mobile hotspots, business internet, and more.
  • Does Verizon offer internet?
    • Yes! Currently, Verizon Business internet is available in any area with Verizon coverage.
  • What is Business internet and how is it different?
    • Verizon business internet is your go-to internet solution. Verizon business internet can be used as either your primary internet service or as a backup, in case anything were to happen with your primary provider. Internet providers can have frequent maintenance scheduled, leaving you without internet in order to complete or fulfill what your business needs. With Verizon Business internet, you don’t need to work around outages from your dependable Verizon cellular service.
  • What is an account review and why do I have to do them yearly?
    • An account review is looking over your account and seeing if there is anything that is available that you would benefit from, or if there are any new plans available to provide better service at a better price.
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