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Are You Concerned about Your Phone’s Health? The most common concerns for your phone

Is your mobile device not performing the way you expected? Concerned about certain features that aren’t working the way they used to? Wondering what options might be available – we can help!

Do you Recognize Some of the Most Common Phone Health Concerns?

Device Age

As your device ages, it slows down. You might experience slower connection times, download rates, screen sensitivity, and more. These are signs of a device that is no longer healthy due to age.

Security Risks

If your phone doesn’t have security features like face ID, fingerprint scanner and more your mobile security health is at risk! Even more updated features like fall detection and emergency SOS via satellite on newer devices keep you safer in your everyday life.

Battery Life and Charging Time

If your phone is taking longer to charge and doesn’t hold that charge long – it isn’t healthy. Even with using more power-heavy apps, your phone should be able to last the majority of the day. Poor battery life can put you at risk of overheating your device.

BeMobile is Your Phone Health Expert

Let us help compare your current device to the latest technology to see if you have the best model for your wants and needs. Click the button below to get started. Your neighborhood Verizon expert can help check your device’s health.

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