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Holiday Gift Guide: Tech Treasures for Every Enthusiast

This festive season, make your gift-giving memorable with tech treasures that suit every taste. Whether you’re looking for delightful stocking stuffers or impressive presents to place under the Christmas tree, we’ve curated the perfect list of finds, all conveniently available at your local BeMobile.

Gifts Under $20

Gadget Guard Tech-Clean Screen Cleaner – The Hygiene Hero

Perfect for: The Health-Conscious Techie Price: $15

In the age of cleanliness awareness, the Gadget Guard Tech-Clean Screen Cleaner is a thoughtful and practical gift. Tailored for tech devices, this spray not only cleans but also kills germs and viruses, including COVID-19. Give the gift of a spotless and hygienic digital experience to the health-conscious individual who values both performance and safety!

Gadget Guard Camera Protectors: Safeguarding Every Pixel

Perfect for: The Photography Connoisseur

Price: $19.99

For the one who views the world through the lens of their smartphone, the Gadget Guard Camera Protectors are a thoughtful gift this holiday season. Crafted with an aluminum frame, these protectors act as an impenetrable shield against scratches and accidental drops, ensuring that every captured moment is a masterpiece. Priced affordably for the season, this accessory is a must-have for those who cherish the art of smartphone photography.

Pure Gear Magnetic Sticker: MagSafe Magic Unleashed

Perfect for: The Tech Trailblazer

Price: $9.99

Surprise the gadget explorer in your life with the Pure Gear Magnetic Sticker—a holiday gift that transforms any device into a MagSafe marvel. Ideal for those who love staying ahead of the tech curve, this slim magnetic sticker adheres seamlessly, introducing a world of MagSafe compatibility. With its trusted 3M adhesive tape, it’s perfect for the friend who embraces innovation, adding a touch of magic to their daily device use.

Gifts Under $50

PureGear 15W MagSafe Charge Puck – On-the-Go Power Player

Perfect for: The Productivity Maestro

Price: $39.99

For the friend always on the move, the PureGear 15W MagSafe Charge Puck is the ultimate gift. Its portable design and MagSafe compatibility make it a game-changer for those who demand efficiency without sacrificing mobility. Perfect for the multitasker who wants to stay powered up without missing a beat!

Case-Mate MagSafe Wallet: Stylish Simplicity for On-the-Go Essentials

Perfect for: The Organized Innovator

Price: $40

Treat the organized innovator in your life to the Case-Mate MagSafe Wallet—a sleek solution for on-the-go essentials. This magnetic wallet seamlessly snaps onto the back of your MagSafe-compatible phone case, ensuring you never leave home without your essentials. Ideal for the organized individual who appreciates a sleek and functional design, this wallet allows you to carry cards, cash, and IDs effortlessly.

JBL Vibe Beam – The Audiophile’s Delight

Perfect for: The Music Aficionado

Price: $49.94

Gift the JBL Vibe Beam to someone who lives for beats and melodies. These earbuds provide an immersive sound experience, 32 hours of battery life, and a design tailored for comfort and portability. Ideal for city strollers or beach bums, these earbuds make every moment a musical adventure!

Gifts Under $100

ZAGG – Pro Stylus 2: Elevate Your Productivity, One Stroke at a Time

Perfect for: The Creative Genius

Price: $79.99

This holiday season, gift the ZAGG Pro Stylus 2 to the creative genius in your life. This stylus is designed for those who thrive on digital creation. Whether they’re sketching, note-taking, or marking up documents, the Pro Stylus 2 is equipped with a fine tip for precise drawing and a rounded capacitive tip for seamless swiping. With features like tilt recognition, palm rejection, wireless charging, and a long-lasting battery, this stylus transforms digital creativity into a pixel-perfect masterpiece.

Ventev Wireless Battery ChargeStand: Power Up, Anytime, Anywhere

Perfect for: The On-the-Go Professional

Price: $54.99

For the on-the-go professional in your life, the Ventev Wireless Battery ChargeStand is the ultimate holiday gift. This 10,000mAh battery and stand combo offers fast wireless charging on a dock or on the move. With USB-C power delivery, USB-A ports in battery mode, and pass-through charging, it’s a versatile charging solution that works with all wireless-enabled smartphones and most slim cases. Keep the on-the-go professional powered up and ready for anything!

Gadget Guard Liquid Screen Protector: Invisible Armor for Your Device

Perfect for: The Device Protector

Price: $70

Surprise the device protector in your life with the Gadget Guard Liquid Screen Protector—a holiday gift that provides invisible armor for their device’s screen. This wipe-on protector seamlessly bonds with the screen, offering defense against fingerprints, scratches, and residues. Plus, with GuardPlus $250, it adds an extra layer of protection, giving up to $250 towards repairs if the primary device screen breaks. Gift this invisible armor to enhance the peace of mind for the device protector in your life.

The Ultimate Gifts

Motorola Edge – The Entertainment Enthusiast

Perfect for: The Entertainment Buff

Price: $0/month

For the cinephile or photography enthusiast in your life, the Motorola Edge is a powerhouse of entertainment. With its ultra-smooth OLED display, high-res camera system, and impressive battery life, this smartphone is designed for those who demand a top-notch visual and auditory experience. Place it under the Christmas tree for a gift that truly shines!

Samsung Eco System – The Connectivity Connoisseur

Perfect for: The Connected Lifestyle Enthusiast

Price: All on us!

For the individual who loves a seamless and interconnected tech experience, the Samsung Eco System is the ultimate gift. The Galaxy S23+, Galaxy Watch 6, and Galaxy Tab S9 work in harmony to create a comprehensive and connected ecosystem. Perfect for those who want to effortlessly transition between devices, staying at the forefront of technology without missing a thing!

BeMobile Exclusive: Double the Style, Double the Savings with Smartwatches

Perfect for: Tech-Savvy Duos

Price $10/month

This holiday season, BeMobile has a treat for the tech-savvy duo in your life—an exclusive promotion offering 2 select smartwatches for less than $10/month! Ideal for those who prioritize staying in sync while making a fashion statement. Gift the joy of connectivity and style to the duo in your life. Visit your local BeMobile store to seize this exclusive deal and make this holiday season a time for staying connected and looking fabulous together.

Put a Bow On It

This holiday season, let your gifts dance to the unique melodies of your loved ones’ hearts. Whether they’re into music, productivity, cleanliness, entertainment, or seamless connectivity, these tech treasures are sure to bring joy to every nook and cranny of your festivities. Happy gifting, and find these enchanted finds at your local BeMobile!

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